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Up and down generally happens in stock market. Thus, you can’t assure for profit always in FTSE stocks and UK stock market. However, as per market guru it is advised that before purchasing any stock you must analysis stock value and company’s financial condition. This exercise will help you to select best stock that will also result in best UK dividends.

According to market trends Go-Ahead Group PLC is considering as rising star now. This stock is one of the FTSE top riser this morning with 90 p is equal to 4% rise to 2,363 p morning. According to states it is actually 60% rise over last 12 months and approx 80% over last two years.

Go-Ahead Group PLC

Go-Ahead Group PLC is an international transport group. Company headquarter is located in Newcastle upon Tyne. This group operates bus and passenger rail service in United Kingdom. This company divides in four sections cont. deregulated bus, regulated bus, Rail operation and school bus operation. This group owned 65% by rail operation, Govia. This stock is listed under London stock exchange and a part of FTSE 250 Stocks.

It’s obviously good news for travel sector and no doubt this stock is raising stock to invest. Dividend yield of stock is 3.5 % and stock market analyst considers this stock very good to invest. Company also announced dividend recently of 59 p per share. According to market trends it would not be wrong to say that this stock is overlooked star over the past years and has good potential.

Here are the full details about this Go-Ahead Group PLC

   Latest Stock Price: 2,345 p

   52 Week Low – High: 1,490.00 p – 2,442.00 p

   Consecutive Dividend Increases: 0 Year

   Dividend Yield: 3.45 %

   Dividend Declaration Date: Sep-04-2014

   Dividend Ex-Date: Oct-30-2014

   Dividend Record Date: Oct-31-2014

   Dividend Payment Date: Nov-14-2014

   1-Year Dividend Growth: 0.00%

   Dividend Amount: 59 p

   Dividend Payment Frequency: 2

   Dividends Paid Since: 2

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