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It gives always pleasure to many investors to see their dividend cheques coming every month and why wouldn’t it as everybody earns into stock market with hope of getting good returns through it. Dividend Investing seems an easy way to earn profits in stock market. UK’s primary stock indices FTSE 100 contains the Top 100 stocks from UK weighted on basis on market capitalization. Every company listed inside this index is able to provide you solid and stable dividends for years continuously. Investors who want to receive moderate and justified dividend amount reliably for years, most often choose stocks from FTSE 100 stock indices in UK. Some investors who wants to buy high dividend yield stocks from stock market, divert to small and mid-cap stocks in hope of getting some charismatic dividend amounts from stocks but they do not understand it’s not important to get high dividends only, getting dividends continuously and reliably is far more important according to me if you want to increase your financial wealth.

Suppose even If you succeed to get some high dividend paying stocks from UK then what’s the guarantee that you will be getting dividends yearly from that dividend giving stocks? None! So if you are doing dividend investing to secure your future or after retirement life, you should consider FTSE 100 and its other stock market subsidiaries indices like FTSE 250 , FTSE 350 pretty seriously. If you are not a professional stock market investor, then also you can do earn some profit and that is by buying stocks which are about to go ex-dividend and claim your dividends after that easily. Here, I am mentioning shortly some of the dividend paying stocks from the FTSE stock indices that are going to be Ex-dividend in next 1 month along with appropriate dividend dates.

Total S.A. (XLON: TTA)                         Sector/Industry: Oil & Gas – Integrated

  • Latest Stock Price: 47.81 p
  • 52 Week Low – High: 41.26 p – 54.70 p
  • Market Cap: 102,671.19M
  • Consecutive Dividend Increases: 3 Years
  • Dividend Yield: 4.98 %
  • Dividend Ex-Date: Dec-15-2014
  • Dividend Record Date: Dec-16-2014
  • Dividend Payment Date: Dec-17-2014
  • 1-Year Dividend Growth : 1.54%

Standard Life Plc (XLON: SL.)          Sector/Industry: Insurance – Life

  • Latest Stock Price: 376.10 p
  • 52 Week Low – High: 330.73 p – 406.30 p
  • Market Cap: 807,668.60M
  • Consecutive Dividend Increases: 6 yrs
  • Dividend Yield: 4.20 %
  • Dividend Ex-Date: Nov-26-2013
  • Dividend Record Date: Sep-10-2014
  • Dividend Payment Date: Oct-21-2014
  • 1-Year Dividend Growth : 0.75%

Standard Life Equity Income Trust Plc (XLON: SLET)       Sector/Industry: Investment Companies

  • Latest Stock Price: 403.00 P
  • 52 Week Low – High: 377.01 P – 431.00 p
  • Market Cap: 16,323.92 M
  • Consecutive Dividend Increases: 6 yrs
  • Dividend Yield: 3.33 %
  • Dividend Ex-Date: Sep-03-2014
  • Dividend Record Date: Sep-05-2014
  • Dividend Payment Date: Sep-26-2014
  • 1-Year Dividend Growth : 1.13%

Aviva Plc (XLON: AV.B)

  • Latest Stock Price: 133.38 p
  • 52 Week Low – High: 111.00 p – 137.70 p
  • Market Cap: Consecutive Dividend Increases: 6 yrs
  • Dividend Yield: 6.28 %
  • Dividend Ex-Date: Sep-03-2014
  • Dividend Record Date: Sep-03-2014
  • Dividend Payment Date: Sep-30-2014
  • 1-Year Dividend Growth : 1.13%

Some Other Dividend Paying stocks are Henderson High Income Trust, Honda Motor, RTL Group, Primary Health Prop, Real Estate Credit Investments PCC Limited etc are being ex-dividend in upcoming month.

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