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Folks, Tell me is there anything else more welcome letter to receive in Inbox rather than receiving a dividend income cheque at the end of each quarter in a year from a steady but reliably growing FTSE 100 dividend paying stock! People buy stocks to receive dividends attached with them and being this a old practice, investors still feels really excited to see a regular level of cash flow coming to them. Of course they should be infact!. Mostly investors either save the dividend money for their after retirement life or they plan to do investments in dividend paying stocks after retirement from a full time job. Earlier one is the more appreciable as you should secure your future by investing from an early age but here early age does not means you should make investment in dividend paying stocks in UK without any prior knowledge of dividend Investing.

Know Why Dividends Matters Really?

The first and obvious reason seem here is that actual dividend payments has seen as a contributor in overall return of a shareholders. Addiitionally there are some evidences that a strategy of buying the right kind of dividend payers( stocks that provide progressive dividends with a decent balance sheets) delivers better returns. Market itself tends to prioritize the attractions of certain dividend payers and give their stocks a premier rating as a reward. Now why market gives preference to such stocks ? simple because dividends are easy to calculate and involves simple & hard numbers made in form of regular payments.

In UK, FTSE Group is responsible for operating the stocks market indices inlcuding FTSE 100(Group of Top 100 market cap weighted organizations), FTSE 250(Extension of FTSE100 indices and contains 250 largest organization according to market capital), FTSE 350(FTSE 250+FTSE 100). Companies like BHP Billiton, Aviva, Barclays,BP, GlaxosmithKLine, HSBC, Pearson, Rio TinTo Group, Standard Life,Standard Chartered, Vodafone etc. these are well known names in their respected area and are considered reliable names as well.

According to a source, investors who has invested money in UK Listed companies will be rewarded with a £99 billion dividend payout in 2014 while having a record breaking first quarter totalling £31 billion, up 120% on the previous three months. The Previous high was in 2012 with £80.6 billion.

Right Now if you analyse the companies listing in FTSE 100, you can easily figure out that companies like WM Morrison Supermarkets(7.3%), Vodafone Group (7.14%), ICAP (6.32%), De La Rue (5.61%), SSE (5.56%), Centrica (5.46%), J Sainsbury (5.33%), Tesco (5.18%) and GlaxoSmithKline (5.07%) are giving dividend yield more than 5% which is quite desired by the investors who are looking to get high dividend yield stocks with reliable and steady growth.

Resource: DividendInvestor.co.uk

Get dividend data for all the stocks listed in FTSE indices( like FTSE 100, FTSE 250 ), on the London stock exchange of UK. Get data like dividend yield, dividend dates, dividend payout changes, yield%, dividend history, consecutive dividend increase, 52 week high/low data, ex-dividend date etc. Track your favourite dividend stocks in UK By Tracker Tool. Find best dividend yield paying ftse stocks by screener tool.

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