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Most of the investors in the investment world have pre-mindset about dividend paying stocks that such stocks are usually boring and give low investment returns as compare to high flying high and mid cap stocks through which investors get hike in returns by earning long term capital gains. This is not actually true, but as if you invest in dividend paying stocks wisely you can get far better income returns on your investments.


In Countries like UK and USA, dividend paying stocks are becoming increasingly popular amongst investors. Many investors are involved in full time dividend investing and getting good amount of returns through dividends after. These returns are a major source of money for them after retirement while others who haven’t been retired are investing in dividend paying stocks just to save a good amount of money for their after retirement life. Also, compare to flying small cap stocks who rank higher in volatility index, dividend paying stocks in UK are usually more mature, safe and predictable.


In UK, FTSE Group is a provider of stock market indices and associated data services which is completely owned by the London stock exchange. FTSE operates top bench-marking indices in UK like FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 with Over 200,000 other stock market indices. FTSE 100 companies represents about 81% of the total market capitalization in LSE. In Ftse indices, stock prices are weighted by market capitalization and that’s why large companies impact index higher compare to smaller companies.


If One is to Find, Reliable and Safe dividend paying stocks in UK, he need to go nowhere except FTSE 100 as most of the companies are stable and have expanded their business on such levels where they can comfortably afford to pay dividends to their shareholders.


In Dividend Investing Approach people generally seek stocks that can provide them high dividend yield. High dividend yield stocks usually provide high returns, but that’s not always true as sometimes a stocks with depressed stocks price can also show you high dividend yield as dividend yield is calculated by following formula;-


Dividend Yield= Annual Dividends per share/ Price Per Share


Strongest indication of Strong Dividend for a user should be a strong and stable company profile and a long dividend history rather than just a high dividend yield.


Here for Your Reference I am giving some of the FTSE Stocks from operating in services sector of UK which are giving good returns. I have kept a long dividend history, market cap, earnings per share, dividend payout ratio and finally dividend yield in mind while choosing all these stocks;

888 Hldgs ( XLON : 888 )

  • Dividend Yield: 7.24 %

  • Consecutive Dividend Increases: 2 years

  • 1 Year Dividend Growth: 1.33%

  • Dividend Paid Since: 2007

  • Market Cap: 41,102.67M

  • P/E:13.3820

  • EPS: 0.1426

Andrews Sykes Group plc ( XLON : ASY )

  • Dividend Yield: 8.05 %

  • Consecutive Dividend Increases: 2 years

  • 1 Year Dividend Growth: 4.29%

  • Dividend Paid Since: 2008

  • Market Cap: 15,594.71M

  • P/E:13.5914

  • EPS: 0.2722

De La Rue plc ( XLON : DLAR )

  • Dividend Yield: 5.61 %

  • Consecutive Dividend Increases: 0 years

  • 1 Year Dividend Growth: 1.69%

  • Dividend Paid Since: 2007

  • Market Cap: 76,071.71M

  • P/E:15.7773

  • EPS:0.4760

Ecclesiastical Insurance Office ( XLON : ELLA )

  • Dividend Yield: 4.65 %

  • Consecutive Dividend Increases: 0 years

  • 1 Year Dividend Growth: 3.80%

  • Dividend Paid Since: 2007

  • Market Cap: 111,173.94M

Resource: DividendInvestor.co.uk

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