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UK’s benchmarking index of London stock market ftse 100 was up by 0.1%this Boost was because of the strengthening of oil and gas stocks led by Tullow Oil and Petrofac. Tullow oil (XLON : TLW) rose up 2% after it announced that it’s northern Kenya region partner, Africa Oil had found a oil and gas at the Ngamia Well-2. After a strong showing in 2013, expectations with FTSE 100 was higher in 2014 but so far it has disappointed everyone including investors as in 2014 index got 1% gain only. It seems like something is pulling the ftse 100 stock indices back as each time it seems like it will cross the 7000 landmark for the first time, it slips all of sudden and then efforts are made to recover the original position. There may be Psychological Factors related to past as each time ftse has reached near 7000 mark, severe crashes has been followed the British economy. In the year 2000 there was tech bubble and in 2007 economy was suffering with sudden credit deficiency. Because of all those things perhaps not many of the investors want to see the FTSE 100 Crossing the 7000 barrier.

Also, many of the Mega caps haven’t proved themselves popular and more profitable in recent month to investors as compare to many of their small cap peers and this might be a reason why ftse is holding itself back again and again as companies do not want to push it through. Performance of such mega cap stocks are not up-to the level and it’s the mega cap stocks matters a lot in compare to small-cap stocks when it comes to overall index performance. Don’t worry though as FTSE 100 stock indices is seems to recovering again.

If you see the price to earnings ratio (P/E) of the FTSE 100 dividend paying stocks, you will find that for most of the ftse 100 stocks, it is undervalued in compare of ftse 250 stocks. FTSE 100 trades on P/E of 14.2 on an average while FTSE 250 stocks has a P/E of over 19 and S&P trades on P/E of 16. Here I am Mentioning some dividend paying stocks from FTSE 100 indices in UK which you can find most valuable.


HSBC Stocks appears to be undervalued as it trades on P/E of just 11.2 while the index P/E of FTSE 100 is 14.2 as stated above. During the Credit Crunch Session in UK, HSBC navigated through it successfully than many of it’s other smaller banking peers, but yet company seems struggling to gain some ground this year. Shares are down for 8% year to date returns.

Shell( XLON:RDSB )

Stocks of Royal Dutch Shell remains undervalued in compared to FTSE 100 as stocks trade on P/E of 11.6 in compare of 14.2 for FTSE 100. Stock offers a great degree of reliability than many of it’s smaller sector peers. Also, Shell has a strong cash flow which clearly indicates that it can afford to pay generous dividends to dividend investors each year. Currently shell stocks are generating dividend yield of 4.40% which is quite healthy.

Resource: DividendInvestor.co.uk

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