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It’s quite common to understand for everyone that everybody wants to earn more and more profit through any source specially a source like stock market. Many believe like investing in stock market is just like investing your money in gambling or betting. There may be several risks of loosing all you have when you go to stock market but actually it’s not like that. A lot depends on you like how much you know about stock market. If you are a newbie who is willing to invest some money in response to make some extra from it, it is highly advisable to you either make your stock selection decisions quite carefully or hire a professional investor on a part time basis who can put your money in stock market in right direction. However if you are moving alone with yourself, I would say don’t make your decisions in too hurry or too late as well. Below are the steps which I would like to suggest to a newbie investor.

1. Get Know About Stock Market and Investment Terminology as much as possible

Being a Newcomer it will be quite hard for you to understand if a Expert/fellow investor will be convincing you on a profitable stock market investment strategy so the first step in my view should be to learn about UK Stock market more and more.Try to know about investment terminology as much as possible as this will be quite helping to you when you will be analysing dividend or stock data on yourself. You should be able to understand dividend, dividend yield, P/E, dividend indicated gross yield, Dividend growth, dividend growth to price ratio, earning per share, etc. You should be able to understand that why dividends are provided, how they are declared, when you can claim them and what you need to do to claim dividends from UK based dividend paying stock.. After it when you starts to know about stock market terms a little bit, try to study the UK Economy as much as you can. Try to analyse it as well. This will let you know that How local economy is running, how they are earning, where they are going in loss, what are their pluses and what are minuses etc. Once you know Which sector are most profitable and most contributing towards economy it becomes damn easy to pick the best slot of dividend paying stocks in UK which might prove best dividend paying stocks to you also.

2. Select A Source forgetting Dividend Information: Once you know a bit about economy, it’s a good idea to search a good dividend resource which can provide you all kind of information that you need to know in your selection approach. You can consider dividendinvestor.co.uk for this purpose as it provides you all kinds of dividend data for all the stocks listed in UK’s benchmarking stock market indices FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE 350 and all dividend stocks listed in London Stock Market. Dividendinvestor not only provides you dividend data, also it gives you information dividend dates like ex-dividend date, dividend declaration date and dividend payout. Besides dividendinvestor.co.uk there are several other reliable source like yahoo finance, market watch which you can start follow.

3. Adopt Income Investing Approach : While Being New It will be better for you to adapt income investing approach as if you will go towards growth investing it will be relatively hard for you to understand the stock market scenario. In Income investing Approach you just have to identify two types of dividend paying stocks from UK stock market i.e. Stocks that are ready to pay you high dividend yield and stocks that are going to be ex-dividend in the past 2-3 weeks.

Get Dividend Data like Dividend Yields, Dividend Dates, Ex-Dividend Dates, Dividend Payouts Information, Dividend Growth Data, Dividend Policies etc for All the stocks listed in London Stock Market and stock listed in FTSE Stock indices like FTSE 100, FTSE 250 by Dividend Investor UK.