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Today Delphi Automotive PLC Dividend has been on it’s ex-dividend edge i.e. 12th of May 2014 while Record Date and payment date for this stock in UK has been declared as 14th of May and 28th of May respectively. Similarly Albion Development VCT Pvt Ltd. Became ex-dividend today while 13th of May and June 1st has been declared as Record Date and Payment Date for this stock. So, If you have missed those stocks from buying and so are not able to claim the dividends, you do not need to worry much about it as in the next forthcoming days some of the big dividend paying stocks from UK’s stock market are going to be ex-dividend like GlaxosmithKline is going ex-dividend on May 14th in GSK:BA, Regenersis PLC is going to be ex-dividend also on May 14, DilliStone Group is going to be Ex-dividend on 14th Also. Barclay’s PLC Dividend For BARC.LN.

Dividends are just like chances of catching the train or bus. So if you have missed some, instead of feeling sad on those should try to pick the next opportunities. The most important thing in my view is understanding dividends and ability of changing business strategies according to market situations. Surely These two things come from lot’s of experience and in-depth knowledge. I mean until you will not be able to know what a specific dividend stock is interpreting to you, you can not decide wise decisions most of the time and this is what I hate about people.

Here I am giving some information about 52 week range shown for every stock which actually tells a lot to people but very few are there who clearly takes the actual meaning. What does it mean to be on 52 week Hi/Low. How you should take both.

52 week Hi/Low Data are nothing except the Highest and Lowest Stock prices of a particular stocks on which stocks has been traded in last 365 days or 52 weeks. It’s not essential that companies showing 52 week Hi/Low data are at least 1 Year old as some companies show this 52 week data even they haven’t completed 52 weeks. Through 52 week Hi-Low rating you can take a broad sense of how the dividend paying stock is doing or performing right now and how the price has been fluctuated for the stock in recent price.

Some investors follow the strategy like buying a stocks when it’s price exceeds 52 week hi/low range and sell the stocks when it goes below 52 week Hi/Low range. Logic such people gives if price breaks out the 52 week Hi/Low, there will be enough movement of stock price in your favourable direction.

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