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FTSE is a British group created in year 2002 which is responsible for providing stock market indices and associated data services in UK. FTSE Group is completely owned by London stock exchange group. FTSE is responsible for operating FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and FTSE 350 stock market indices as well as 200,000 other stock market indices out of which 600 indices are real time stock indices. FTSE stock indices have seven segments like global equity, Regional and partner, fixed income, real estate, alternative investment, responsible investment and investment strategy.

FTSE 100 Index consists the share index of the 100 largest companies from London Stock exchange according to market capitalization. FTSE 100 Indices is a most widely used indices and it’s seen as a prosperity indicator for UK businesses. Mostly investors in UK see this indices as a support and as an indicator to know which are companies in UK stock market are currently outperforming. All the popular and globally recognized organizations in UK are having their place in FTSE 100 dividend stock indices according to market cap they held. This whole scenario creates a lot of comfort for a newbie investor who does not know much about the stock market and who do not know how to identify the best performing organizations.

Suppose, You are a newbie investor who has just stepped-in into the investment world and willing to do some investment in UK Stock Market, wants to earn some dividends, wants to have some regular cash flow towards his stock portfolio. To earn dividends or long term capital gain from UK stock market, one has to identify the best performing stocks which are reliable and secure enough and can provide you best possible dividend yield over your investments.

FTSE 100 index consist stocks from organizations like royal dutch shell, HSBC, BP, Vodafone, GlaxosmithKline, British American Tobacco, SABmiller, Diageo, BHP Billiton, Standard Chartered, BG group, AstraZeneca, Barclays, Lloyds, Unilever, National Grid PLC, Royal Bank, Centrica, Aviva Etc. If you finds a company who is stable and reliable enough, having high earnings and giving you high dividend yield and good dividend growth it means you are on right path and ftse 100 consists such group of companies which are high performing, giving best dividends growth and yield to investors.

When we go to select best dividend paying stocks UK, we look to several things like company’s price per share, company’s earning per share, dividend yield we will be getting, dividend payout means how much company is paying as dividend out of it’s earnings. FTSE dividend paying Stocks are like filtered stocks which assures you about some of the dividend choosing factors certainly like company’s financial position, it’s market capitalization, it’s stability and reliability, about global presence etc. Let’s take an example of how much dividend you can get from FTSE 100 dividend paying stocks.

Vodafone Group PLC

  • Share Trading at: 221.90
  • P/E:3.4
  • EPS: 67.5
  • Dividend PS: 19.16
  • Ex Dividend Date: Feb 24,2014
  • Dividend Payout Ratio: 28
  • Dividend Yield:8.63
  • 1 Yr Return: +15.51
  • Market Capitalization: 58,732.60
  • Dividend Indicated Gross Yield:5.23%
  • 5 Year Dividend Growth: 39.42%
  • Next Earnings Announcements: May 20,2014

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