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FTSE 100, being a bench-marking index in United Kingdom’s stock market reflects the actual market position to investors most of the time while operating. It says a lot really if the market is running bearish or it’s bullish on some extent. Let’s go some day’s back i.e. on 4th of march 2014, FTSE 100 indices was running above 6,823.80 stock points and performing quite well but after 6th of march it started falling because of drop-down in mining stocks of UK and this drop ended at 6,527.90 points on 14th of March! It was on 5 Week’s Low and was shuffling around technical term bearish outlook. Later after Russian President Putin’s speech, FTSE 100 index rebounded again and moved above 200 –day moving average. Right now it’s trading on 6,605.30 and looking quite balanced after a serious hick-up happened a week before.

This whole scenario creates a though in my mind and that is FTSE 100 is so sensitively placed in the market right now that an investor can have loss and profit both in market. If you will look at the past week incidents you will come to know automatically how sensitive UK’s FTSE is behaving right now. Though, there is one insight also, Market is looking promising also in-spite of all these happenings also because if Market response would not be so good. There were some positives from FTSE 100 last week too like BAE rises well. Ashtead Group PLC and Serco Group PLC was going quite well before the market faced hick-ups.

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