Investing in shares or stocks is effective way of investment for money or profit. However, it always include risks as there is no traditional solution for profit, you have to analysis several things before buying any stock. However, people are becoming smarter and earning money from stock investment. If you are thinking to invest in UK market, then you should have some basic information about stocks and FTSE terms so that you can acquire best stock. FTSE 100 dividends and dividend yield both are important terms using in UK market. Dividend yield is termed as dividend price ration in UK. It can be describe as it is a financial ratio which indicates that how much a company pays to its applicable shareholders every year respective to the price of its share.

FTSE 100 dividends normally known as top 100 companies listed on the London stock exchange according to reference of market capitalization. In other words, companies are indicator of business success. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the ratio of annual dividends per share to price per share.  Whenever you decide to buy any stock you must have a look towards FTSE 100 dividends and dividend data of all 100 companies. Besides of dividend data you can analysis through dividend tracker and 52 week high/low dividends. If you want to earn high FTSE yield dividend, then analysis financial ration of companies. is perfect guide for you where you can find all information about FTSE 100 dividends, best UK dividends stock, FTSE dividend dates and Ex-dividend calendar.