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Today UK’s primary stock market indices FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 have slipped by a significant margin 1.12% and 0.67% respectively. This situation clearly states that market is going on bearish as it has seen some serious downfall in recent time so what should be your next move? Waiting for the right time to come so that you can invest your money in some popular FTSE 100 dividend paying stocks in UK or finding the alternate stocks or say stocks that can pay you dividend in a safest way if nothing else at least. I think second one is much better option as if we see UK’s stock market, in 2014 it has given some positive responses to investors so we can hope that it’s not going to be bearish for very long and as soon as situation will be improving you can get back to your original approach if you like hate dividends but at least in current circumstances you can not neglect the importance of getting dividend from stocks that are not so popular among the dividends and which are almost running under-priced in London stock market. Usually investor who follow dividend investing approach not tends to worry about the ups and downs of market as they believe to build a regular cash flow into their portfolio which

 Here I am giving you short but yet effective reference of some High yield giving dividend paying stocks in UK which can prove best dividend stocks in UK at the moment for you.

GlaxoSmithKline plc(GSK)

  • Dividend:23.00

  • Price: 1,653.50

  • Dividend Yield:4.72

  • Market Capitalization: 80,339.65M

  • P/E: 14.88

  • Next earnings Date: Mar 12, 2014

  • 1 Year Return: -18.07

Royal Dutch Shell B PLC(LON:RDSB)

  • Dividend Per Share: 106.43

  • Stock Price: 2321.50

  • Dividend Yield: 4.58

  • Market Capitalization:141,349.61

  • P/E:14.88

  • EPS:2.6100

  • Next Earnings Date:4/30/2014

  • 1 Year Return:+7.54%

  • 5 Year Dividend Growth: 3.90%

BT Group PLC(BT-A.L)

  • Dividend Per Share: 3.40

  • Stock Price: 401.30

  • Dividend Yield: 2.47

  • Market Capitalization:31,745.35 Million

  • P/E:14.84

  • EPS:0.2604

  • Next Earnings Date:05/08/2014

  • Dividend Indicated Gross Yield: 2.74%

  • 1 Year Return:+54.66%

  • Ex-Dividend Date: 12/23/2013

  • 5 Year Dividend Growth: -8.93%

 Admial Group PLC(ADM.L)

  • Dividend Per Share: 46.90

  • Stock Price: 1496.00

  • Dividend Yield: 3.14

  • Market Capitalization:31,745.35 Million

  • P/E:15.06

  • EPS:97.7

  • Next Earnings Date:08/13/2014

  • Dividend Indicated Gross Yield: 3.48%

  • Dividend Payout Ratio:48

  • 1 Year Return:+54.66%

  • Ex-Dividend Date: 4/30/2014

  • 5 Year Dividend Growth: +31.62%

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