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FTSE SquidooFTSE Index, a benchmarking index in the UK designed to reflect the performance of listed companies in London Stock Exchange had the last week of 2014 as best so far as FTSE 100 closes on its 2013 peak by getting best weekly gain in response of some good performance by UK stock market companies. FTSE 100 gained hike primarily because of the boost in strong retail sales in the UK and rally in motor insurer stocks.

Insurer Admiral Group rose 6.1%. In 2013 it had seen that FTSE struggled all the time to keep up it’s all time high 6,800 levels but this weekend in 2014 FTSE 100 closed on 6,829.30 points i.e. 0.2% higher. Royal Dutch Shell’s two listings rose 5.6 points of the FTSE after it was warned because of its fourth quarter figures were expected to significantly lower than what they were and it probably was because of the oil and gas prices. On Jan 16, FTSE was propped up by steep gains from Miners as FTSE 350 mining index rose 3.2% while Rio Tinto confirmed a rise of 2.5% after great productive increase.

Right Now, it’s looking to be bullish situation on the FTSE and it’s definitely a good sign for investors willing to long term investing in FTSE. With the Situation in front, All times higher in FTSE which is 6,950 is also not looking too far away. Here I am giving some of the dividend paying stocks from FTSE 100 which are going to be ex-dividend in a few weeks and from which you can earn a high percentage of dividend.

Compass Group PLC (CPG:L)

This is a world’s leading food service and support services providing organization. Inside the food section services company offers solutions for free-flow restaurants, formal dining, grab and go deli, hospitality services, vending, etc. while support services include cleaning, reception, building operations and maintenance, business and office, logistics and transport, outdoor, project management, and security services in the UK.

The company is going Ex-dividend on 22 Jan 2014 giving 16 pence per stock as a dividend to investors in UK. No Stock alternative is there, though.

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