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Some days ago, I was looking for some information online regarding ex-dividend calendar. Surprisingly I noted that there were no one who showed what is a ex-dividend calendar actually and what role it plays for an investor in UK so I decided to cover this topic on my blog.

Before you know ex-dividend Calendar, you should be know what ex-dividend dates are for a UK dividend stock, which I guess you all know. However for those who don’t know I would like to summarize it in just two sentences and that is Ex-dividend dates for a stock are the dates up-to which a shareholder has the all rights to get dividends if company decides to pay dividend amongst shareholders. After stock reaches to it’s Ex-dividend dates UK when all the shareholder has received dividends, company label stock in UK as “Ex-Dividend”. With this labeling Shareholder loses the rights to get dividend on that stock in UK. He have to wait for next dividend announcement and have to keep the stock till next dividend announcements.Upcoming Ex-Dividend Dates UK

Ex-Dividend Calendar is a calendar tool which shows the stocks that will goes ex-dividend on a particular date if you hover your mouse or click on that. Ex-Dividend Calendar basically becomes important as it can increase your efficiency of making money with dividend paying stocks in UK. As we all know that if you buy a stocks just before it’s ex-dividend date, you will be able to claim the dividend amount distributed by the company amongst distributors. Instead of this if you buy any stock on it’s ex-dividend date or after, In that case you won’t be receiving any dividend. Reason of happening all this is if you buy stock on it’s ex-date, it will take two working days to transfer the ownership of that stock to you from the previous owner.Ex dividend Calendar UK

Similarly if you sell any dividend paying stock before it’s ex-date, you will be not be getting any dividend. If you sell that stocks just on it’s ex-dividend date, still you are not the owner but as state above, transfer ship of ownership will take time of two business working days. You will be receiving dividend for that stock.

Usually, this happens that UK stocks pay dividends on quarterly basis so most of the investors think why to own a stock for 365 days while you can earn the same dividend for having that stock for 4 days. Ex-dividend Calendar UK for dividend paying stock in UK helps you doing this as this tell which stocks are being ex-dividend so you can consider them for buying and can make good money.

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