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2013 has gone and now 2014 has come with some new hope in UK stock market. 2013 have been not so good for FTSE stock Market. FTSE celebrated its birthday on 3rd jan2014 as it was on Year 1984 when FTSE 100 replaced the mini 30 index as main performance indicator in London stock exchange. During these 30 years market cap of FTSE 100 has been raise up-to $1.87 trillion and that’s much up from 164 billion of 1985.

Moving away from FTSe but staying away on topic, i would like to tell investors that they can keep hope as FTSE ended the year 2013 quite brilliantly reaching to it’s old time high on 6749.09

FTSE stock indices like FTSE 100 contains blue chip stocks, which are considered to be worthy for any investors to invest in. But, All in one what i feel is that if you do not any investment strategy you can not succeed as an investor in UK dividend stock market. Here i am discussing a strategy for picking the best dividend paying stocks in UK for 2014 with the hope that it will be working for you all.

There are two ways in tradition to view the share market one is fundamental approach and other one is technical approach. Fundamental approach is the approach one tries to come up with best dividend stocks investment strategy after analyzing all kinds of economic and financial data. This data includes the economic growth of the locality in that you are living so in our case it’s UK, unemployement rate, trends seen on corporate sector sales and profits. While In technical approach one tries to stay within the factors of sharemarket itself and tries to come with the strategy after analyzing factors like stock pricing, dividend history, dividend payout ratio, EPS, P/E ratio, volumes of shares traded within a time duration, 52 week Hi/Lo PEG ratio and many much more. I personally think that taking both of these strategies for 2014 could be the best bet for investors but still that’s only a prediction.

So stay updated with the latest FTSE and London Stock Market News.

Many investors who have missed some oppertunities in market tries to catch up while jumping on the band wagon while it’s not going to work for them.

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