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In the investment world today, when every investor looks to get more profit each time, it happens that we take trade decisions just by guess as we do not know what exactly those kind of terms mean in dividend stocks trading. For an Example suppose if you are an investor and you do not know that what are preferred stocks and what are common stocks in Share market then how you will be able to take right decision when somebody asks you which type of stocks are more better to have. If you do not know about special dividends or say interim dividends how you will choose any out of them. So here I am explaining some terms which are not well understood by each and every investor in FTSE Stock Market Usually.

Preferred Stocks V/s Common StocksPreferred vs Common

Common stocks are the stocks that are held by general public. In such stocks voting rights are combined with dividend sharing rights.  Whenever we hear stocks up and down, those stocks are common stocks while preferred stocks have fewer rights compare to common except one area and that is dividend. Preferred stocks gets preferred dividend call over common stocks and usually considered about paying consistent dividends. Preferred stocks puts a great claim on company’s earning and financial assets. So essence is that to get regular dividend from stocks in UK one must get preferred stocks in FTSE Share market. Preferred stocks do not fluctuate as much as common stocks do and for that reason sometimes referred as fixed income security.

Special Dividends and Interim Dividends

Interim Dividends are more frequently used in UK stock market where dividends payments occur Biggest Special DividendsTwice in a year. Interim Dividends are those which are paid to shareholders prior to company’s final financial statements. Special Dividends are those when any company pays dividend to their shareholders and declares it as a separate dividend from the recurring cycle if company follows any (yearly, half yearly, and quarterly). Notable thing is whenever a company pays special dividends it generally not affect that yield values because such payments are often done to release some cash from balance sheets or to rebuild the financial structure of a company.

Benefits of Knowing Ex Dividend Date from Dividend Calendar in Advance:

As we all know some companies pay dividends on a cyclic basis like yearly. Half yearly, quarterly or monthly to their shareholders. If you want to earn more profits within a short span of time you should be aware of the stocks which are going to labelled as ex-dividend in short time say after a week or after twice a week. Check market position of such stocks and purchase them before they became “Ex”. You can check for dividend calendar online. Dividend Calendar is a financial calendar you can say which will show you the list of stocks which will become ex on a particular date whenever you will click on that date.

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