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The FTSE 100 is index of top 100 largest stock market companies of the UK these also listed in London Stock Market and this FTSE 100 mostly used for stock market indicator of the UK market. 81% stock market of the London Stock Exchange represented by these companies as comparison to whole stock market. As such, the changes in price towards the FTSE 100 index also indicate the general changes of the LSE quite well. If the growth of company is higher then, it moves the company towards FTSE.

Longer term investors in stock market use logical factors to get more and more profit from FTSE Dividend Dates. Investors also looking to include many other factors, for example profits of company, inflation, interest rates, the prices of substitute investments as like gold, government taxes and salary levels. At the time of investment in stock market, big companies tend towards to experience companies that provide profit.

Company’s profits or loss always effect the price of it shares in stock market and that is also effect FTSE Dividend Yield of that company. If a company gets profit then, there is a chance it will also declare dividends and if the companies is in dividends then, there will be a chance to attract more and more investors to invest money in their companies that will increase the price of the share in stock market that move the company in FTSE 100 Dividend the listed company is in losses for a year then it will be difficult to attract new investors, it is unlikely to pay any dividends and then company face a big loss in share market.

Both small and big companies also effect from financial performance from General economic conditions. For example, import and exports business always effect from this kind of condition. Currency play an important role for type of companies. Currency of both country sometime export and import is cheaper and sometime it may be expensive. If this type of condition occur in the major section of companies listed on the FTSE 100, the level of the index will down. So always ensure to bet with money you can afford to lose in shares and most importantly aware of all of risk involved in this stock market.

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