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Dividends are a great source of income for investors in UK. Investors usually always keep searching kind of stocks which can provide them better return on a minimal investment made by them. Dividends are first approved by the company’s board of directors or governing committee. For Companies operating in public sector there are some important dividend dates in UK to remember i.e. Dividend Declaration date, in dividend date, ex dividend dates and book closure date. Brief Introduction about these dates are as below;

Dividend Declaration Dates:

Date on which company announces or show the intention of paying dividends to its shareholders in UK. On the same day a liability is created and company record this and also announce a payment date.

In Dividend Date:

It’s the date of the last day officially which is one day before the ex-dividend date for a particular stock reached. After this date stock will be known as stocks including dividends. After in dividend dates stocks will become ex dividend. Anyone who own the shares on the in dividend date has the right to get the dividend from company. Person who will sell the stock on this day will be no longer eligible to receive dividends from company.

Ex Dividend Date:  

It’s known as the date on which all the sold and bought shares no longer are eligible to receive the most recently declared dividends. Ex-Dividend Date in UK has a vital importance for a company who have many shareholders. Existing holders of the stocks will be eligible to receive the dividends while person who will buy a stock on ex dividend date will not be eligible but there is one hidden benefit for those who buys the stocks on ex dividend date as stock’s prices will come down up to a margin typically dividend paid by the company for that stocks to their existing shareholder.

Book Closure Date: it’s the date known on which company closes the books for transferring the recently declared dividends.

Record Date for Dividend: Shareholders who are registered till this date will be eligible to receive dividends by the company and shareholders who are not registered till record date will not receive anything from company.

One can take benefit by screening those stocks which are going to be ex dividend in next 10 or 20 business days or by searching those stocks which are providing great dividend yields to their shareholders in UK.